Royal Theatre

Royal Jewellery Studio was established in 1998 by jeweller Benjamin Flynn and is situated in what was the
Kingsland suburban picture theatre, Theatre Royal.
Ben originally opened Royal Jewellery Studio to showcase the wide range of contemporary art jewellery
that was being made in New Zealand by himself and his peers in a gallery-like but accessible space.
Royal continues to focus on promoting New Zealand designed and made contemporary jewellery
celebrating individual creativity and ideas. 36 invited New Zealand based contemporary jewellers work is on display ranging widely in style,
intent and materials the unifying element being well made and wearable.
While Ben focuses on making jewellery off site the studio is run by his sister Myfanwy and contributing makers, Cheryl Sills and Kate Barton.
C o n t e m p o r a r y       N e w       Z e a l a n d       J e w e l l e r y